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Lough Boora Discovery Park

Lough Boora Discovery Park

Boora, Lea Beg, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Contact: Julie McLoughlin

[email protected]

Lough Boora Discovery Park has a wide variety to offer outdoor enthusiasts, keen botanists, nature lovers, artists and culture fans with 5,000 acres and over 50km of tracks and trails on rehabilitated cutaway peat bog in county Offaly.
With 5 main routes varying in size from 1.2km to 15.8km. As a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts interested in its unique flora and wildlife, the Sculpture Park’s route is enhanced by 20 innovative works of art that dramatically change the landscape with varying contrast depending on the weather, throughout the seasons and over time. Industrial materials of the bog, such as locomotives, rail line, timber and stone have been developed into magnificent sculptures. Over time, the effects of nature have altered the sculptures in colour and developed wonderful colonies of plant growth, enabling them to become part of the landscape once again. Fairy Avenue is the home to 14 fairies, each of them bringing something special to the park. Over 130 bird species have been recorded in the park, including the endangered wild Grey Partridge, many of which can be seen from bird hides located throughout the complex. These include one hide designed and sited to facilitate wheelchair access. Our newly opened area An Portach Ciúin (The Quiet Bog) is surrounded by nature and provides an inclusive, quiet and contemplative destination. By directly engaging with and being in nature, An Portach Ciúin is designed to allow visitors to indulge in reflection, contemplation, connection and restoration. Set in a woodland clearing close to a wetland. The area is rich in nature with trees, meadow grasses, reeds, bog cotton and the wetland supporting a wealth of natural habitats.