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National Museum of Ireland - Natural History

National Museum of Ireland - Natural History

Merrion Street Upper, Dublin 2

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The Natural History Museum was built by the Royal Dublin Society and opened its doors for the first time in 1857. Over 150 years later it has changed little and is known to generations of visitors as the ‘Dead Zoo’ a true museum of a museum.
Recent conservation work have improved access for visitors and provided new learning opportunities, including the Discovery Zone where visitors can handle taxidermy and open drawers to see what is lurking inside. Our Reading Room, at first floor level, is a great place to rest and settle down with a good book.

The traditional exhibition style and furnishing are unchanged. Familiar favorites include skeletons of 11,000 year old giant deer, Spoticus the giraffe and whale skeletons suspended from the roof. Exhibits cover the animals of Ireland at ground floor. We apologise that the upper levels of the museum are not accessible at present. This requires funding for a conservation and access plan that will address problems of emergency exits.

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  • Coach Parking Nearby (max 5 minutes)
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  • Upper level not wheelchair accessible
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